Memories and the Time machine

As I go through the things in my apartment, the boxes and music and collected papers, memories of how I’ve gotten here come trickling back. From my humbled beginnings in Buda, TX renting a garage and sleeping on a pile of boxes and sheets, to the small apartment to the bigger apartment and steady paycheck. I remember sleeping on couches, floors in the winter, my Chevy Nova in the summer.  The people, the places, the best of times and the waste of times.  Moving is a strange thing. It brings about change in both a good and bad way. But it’s happening, for better or worse.

The Nova made it to the most western point in Texas, with the V-star in tow ( thanks to a rider named Robert who helped us tie down the bike after it fell over in the trailer. A newbie blunder Im sure but it survived).

The heat is strong and the days are long, blending together under the glow of the infinite western sun. But this is another life changer, a trip so few get to take. And I want to show you everything. Everything I can find, everywhere I can.

The future just keeps coming…..

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