Heavy Rain

The rain always makes me feel more connected to my surroundings.  When its calm and steady, I feel a kind of peace that lets my mind wander, slows down my heartbeat and lets me take a moment to adjust.  When its falls from the sky in blitz of chemical laden teardrops, I feel the adrenaline. I want to ride my motorcycle through the never ending waves of a Hurricane running up on the land, chug a beer and throw the empty can into the twisting winds of tornado alley, surf the chaos.  Probably not the surfing part. Im not the strongest swimmer in the world but my dog paddle technique is on point.

Our music seems to be making some headway or at least looking pretty good on paper.  Strings Of Atlas is popping up on FM charts, international blogs, various streaming radio sites.  We run alongside names like Thee oh Sees and Sonic Youth.

And in the midst of the Texas floods and Hurricane Bill and the Republicans casting their hate for the sodomites that are damning TX, I find my mind just floating along, longing for a clear path.  Im not sure what Im doing right now, but to be honest Ive never really been 100% certain of much.

So.. I satrt a blog. Lets see if I finish it.


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