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I knew a man, back when I lived in Santa Fe (NM) who used to swear that coconut water was the cure to everything.  Back then, I couldn't drink the stuff.  The taste was bland and the chunks of pulp in the can were more than I could stomach with a meal. Truthfully, Ive never really been a fan of pulp in anything.  Years later, I moved to Austin, city of breakfast tacos and health fanatics ( a bit of a contradiction I suppose).  This is where I came across a variety of coconut waters and learned of the benefits of Virgin (Raw, unrefined) coconut oil.

Here's the rundown. Coconut oil can be used for:
- an antiseptic for cuts or teeth brushing
-softening skin
-cleaning cuts
-cooking (its healthier than most oils for cooking)
-burning fat, preventing disease/disorders, providing energy

The list goes on.  The coconut is a mighty thing, where a persons health is involved.. except for the fact that it ones falling from trees kill more people than sharks do.  There are even some companies that use the oil as a fossil fuel alternative to power heavy machinery.

These days, I usually drink some coconut water before or during a set to keep hydrated.  The potassium is good for the muscles too, especially if you're a drummer and cramp up during a set.  Stay healthy and rock on.

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