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Mad world

I have no desire to marry ruin or poverty but we've been together for so many years that we should just move to Utah and make our misery official. Its not that Im not grateful for the times, I mean some of my best work has come in their company. And being neck deep in bullshit will undoubtedly make you appreciate the days that it is only knee high, ya know. But I dont think there is anyone on the planet who wants a daily reminder of where they went wrong or what they SHOULD be doing and haven't. Its hard for me to accept my flaws. Its hard for me to write that sentence. I find flaws in others to be beautiful though. So I guess too, if flaw=beauty than life, by default, is beautiful. I know its a fucking cliche but its true...kind of. I want to make the world better with my art. Not for my country or for staving kids in africa, picking and choosing favorites to help. I want to make the WHOLE world, the whole universe better! Is it possible to do with sound? Im not really sure what Im trying to say with all of this or if I've even said anything at all... peace.

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