Chords Of Eve



Dear Engineer EP

Chords Of Eve

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Recorded at Sky Titian Studio and Scary American studios. Engineered by Charles Godfrey.

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Genre: Pop/Electronic/Alternative/Trip Hop

Hometown: Austin, TX

Influences: Phantogram, Billie Eilish, Portishead, K. Flay

Chords Of Eve is an American music project, created in 2019 and consisting of multi-instrumentalist Atlas Cage, featuring various female vocalists and the debut of vocalist Casey Ardmore. The band defines their music as pop, electronica, alternative and trip hop, and have described their sound as "futuristic psych pop".

The origins story and debut album of the Futuristic Psych Pop project “Chords of Eve” couldn't come at a better time. Technology is advancing faster than it ever has before, meanwhile people are more depressed, more divided than ever before. Androids and GAAF Tech can be found in most homes these days and our connection to the digital world outweighs our connection to each other. Humans are becoming more and more isolated.


The story goes that Atlas, frontman for the band Strings Of Atlas, was playing a show in what became a war zone in the dust of Texas. The town was attacked, bombs falling from the sky but by some miracle, he was found alive in the rubble by the Atomic Girls, a league of extraordinary women he encountered along his travels. They lifted him from the wreckage, back to the abandoned hospital in which they set up camp and began rebuilding him with GAAF Tech. His body was badly damaged though, speaking was difficult and it would be months or years before he could learn to play music the same way again. But this hospital, this was where he met C.A.S.E.Y., the android with the golden, human voice. It became apparent that this machine was far more advanced than any of its commercial counterparts. Was it possible that this robot had a soul? The two become friends and thus began their sonic journey into a world divided by humans and machines.